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Boating Insights

Join ABB TV to watch our exclusive Boating Insights. The extensive collection of videos have been produced for you to keep learning and to be inspired to take on your next adventure. 

Boating Insights Podcast

Our Boating Insights podcast is live and ready for you to listen to our latest boating tips! 

Skills Assessment
Are you, your boat and your crew ready for an adventure?

Before departing on an ocean voyage, as the skipper, you must be confident that your boat is well found and the skills and experience of you and your crew are suitable for the voyage. We have created a complimentary self-assessment resource that you can use to help with your trip preparation.

The International Certificate of Competence (I.C.C.) is often referred to as the Mediterranean Boat Licence. Unlike an Australian Boat Licence, yachts are not exempt from this and it is a requirement even for privately owned vessels. If you are chartering a boat overseas, you will need to get an I.C.C.
The pathway to becoming a Yachtmaster is an opportunity to develop your existing skills and broaden your knowledge base in a structured and enjoyable way. The Yachtmaster pathway will not only present you with internationally recognised qualifications, but empower you with good seamanship and skippering abilities. 
The Rules of ABB...
Go on adventures
Use what you have
Never compromise on safety
Leave your comfort zone
Look after your boat and she'll look after you
Continually develop your skills
Keep It Simple Skipper! 
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