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International Certificate of Competence (I.C.C.)
About the I.C.C.
The International Certificate of Competence (I.C.C.) is often referred to as the Mediterranean Boat Licence. Recreational boating is not exempt from this and it is a requirement even for privately owned vessels.
For very experienced skippers, the I.C.C. can be completed as a one-day assessment. Candidates can be assessed on their own or with another person. A Day Skipper Practical Course is the pathway for skippers who are seeking training prior to gaining an I.C.C.
Once you pass either the I.C.C. assessment or a Day Skipper Practical Course, you apply to the RYA for the I.C.C. certificate. The I.C.C. from the RYA is valid for 5 years. You do not have to complete the test after this time, all you are required to do is renew the licence by paying a fee direct to the RYA.
The course material and online content was really good. I am off to do the practical today and I am much more confident as a day skipper than before the course.
M Dawson
Day Skipper

Practical syllabus for an ICC assessment
As a skipper you should be confident and competent in leading an inexperienced crew with the following before your assessment: 

1 - Start

  • Give safety briefing including use of safety equipment and interpret weather forecasts
  • Pre-start engine checks, start the engine, check cooling and understand fuel range

2 - Docking & berthing

  • Use of springs to depart from lee wall/pontoon
  • Clear communication with other crew
  • Coming alongside a windward pontoon

3 - 360˚ turn in confined space

4 - Securing to a buoy

5 - Man Overboard

  • Observe MOB or instruct crew to do so
  • Demonstrate correct direction and speed of approach
  • Make suitable contact with MOB

6 - Handling under sail

  • Sail a triangular course with one leg to windward
  • Choose suitable area for hoisting/lowering sails
  • Use sails suitable for prevailing conditions
  • Show awareness of wind direction
  • Trim sails correctly on each point of sailing
  • Warn crew before manoeuvres
  • Look around before tacking and gybing
  • Control sails during tacking and gybing
Navigation Experience
Wether you are sitting an I.C.C.  assessment or a Day Skipper Practical Course the your current level of navigation and passage planning must be at the Day Skipper Shore-based level or higher. You can enrol and learn this with us.
Complete Skipper Course
We have a bundle of three excellent courses which you can use to prepare for your holiday called the Complete Skipper Course. You can learn more about this course by clicking here.
What am I examined on?
You can download the I.C.C. licence form for full details of what is involved and to help you prepare for your assessment. 
"The course exceeded expectations. I am happy to say that the training material was first class, professionally presented and relevant..having sailed for years, it was still worthwhile to review, renew and reinforce practical knowledge with theory. You have done a great job and I hope that many yachties, old and new, take the course in future."
A. Curtis 
Day Skipper Shorebased Online Course

*Please note once you have passed your I.C.C. assessment the RYA fees if you are not a member of the RYA for the licence are £45 (GBP) (processing time around 21 days) and additional £30 (GBP) if you require their fast track service (processing time around 2 days).  This licence last for 5 years. It can be renewed directly with the RYA without another assessment being required.

If you complete an I.C.C. asssessment on a sailing vessel or a Day Skipper Practical Course (sail). After apply for an I.C.C. licence from the RYA you will be awarded with the: International Certificate of Competence (I.C.C.) for coastal waters on sailing vessels, and also power driven vessels of up to 10 metres L.O.A. 

A maximum of 2 people per day can be assessed for an International Certificate of Competence as a requirement from the RYA.

Med Mooring made simple
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Entering new harbours in the Mediterranean Sea can create a lot of anxiety for even the most experienced of skippers. In this video, Ian and Neil share some of their must have equipment and techniques.

Ian Treleaven has just completed his 15th consecutive year of cruising in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. He has had many opportunities to fine tune his boat handling in this time and learn from others mistakes.

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